Please browse the following websites of our friends within the martial arts and equipment / book suppliers


WKC - World Kickboxing and Karate Council ;    www.worldkickboxingcouncil.com

YMAA - Yangs Martial Arts Academy ;   www.ymaa.com
Combat Hapkido ;  www.dsihq.com
Malvern Taekwondo  ;  www.malverntaekwondo.co.uk
Faye and Tary Yip  ;  www.deyin-taiji.com
Master Shou Yu Liang ;  www.shouyuliang.com

Academy for Karate ;  www.academyforkarate.org.uk

Kyusho do ;  www.kyusho-do.co.uk
Dennis Martin ; www.cqbservices.com
Lucky Madahar ;  www.kali-thaiboxing.co.uk
Plumpub ( Books / DVD ) ;  www.plumpub.com
Quality Martial Arts ;  www.qualitymartialarts.com
Martial Arts Superstore ;  www.martialartsuperstore.com


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