Q ;  I want to start training but am I fit enough?
A ; You do not have to be fit to start training with us, start at your own pace and over the weeks you will increase your fitness.  We do take age and ability into consideration you are not asked to attempt techniques which could cause injury.  We would however ask that you declare any long term illness or condition we should know about - if in doubt consult your GP prior to training with us.
Q ; What are the costs to join / train?
A ; We do not have a membership or joining fee, we operate a pay and train basis however after six sessions you would need to take out a yearly license which includes insurance.  This is the law within Martial Arts and is the same for all clubs.  Should you wish to grade within your chosen subject there would be a nominal grading fee however gradings are not compulsory.  With regards to suits, belts etc. there is no need to buy them straight away and we promote the idea of buying used kit or swapping with friends.
Q ;  How often are Gradings?
A ; This depends on the subject, however for Karate approximately every 3 to 4 months.
Q ;  Where are gradings held?  Will I have to travel?
A ;  No, all gradings can be carried out at our clubs unless you would rather attempt one on a workshop or annual course etc.
Q ;  Am I too old to start?
A ;  We teach martial arts you can use throughout your life, we do have a minimum age of 13 but no upper limit, just come and enjoy.
Q ;  When can I start?
A ; Next session!  We do not operate a beginners class system, you learn more with the help and guidance of all our senior grades from week one.  You may however want to confirm the class and venue before travelling any distance.  Please be aware we do not train on Bank Holiday Mondays.  Please see our Training page for times and venues.



If you cannot see an answer to the question you have - please contact us!

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