John Langston and Matthew Sheppard training at Trysull Village Hall
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Golden Serpent Martial Arts was formed in 1993 at Trysull Village Hall, South Staffs.  We trained once a week in Wado Ryu Karate however Ju jitsu locks / takedowns and Taoist yoga / Chi Gung were later added.

The club eventually moved the Wado session to Swindon Community Centre and, for a short time, it also had a second session at Wombourne United Reformed Church. And later, a small club at the Windmill Youth Club Castlecroft where Wado Ryu, Kali and Ladies self defence were taught.  We also used the gym at Compton Boys Club for extra training and gradings etc.  Gradings were also held at the Comrades Club, Bridgnorth.

The club was keen to promote other self defence arts hence a Kempo / Ju jitsu session was started in tandem to the Karate.  This was originally held at Compton Boys Club before moving to Wolverhampton Grammar School and finally Trysull Village Hall.  This art is not currently being taught but we hope to restart this class when new mats can be financed.

During the early 2000's the club worked in conjunction with John Satterley to establish Hapkido within the area.  Classes where held at the Grammar School gym and Compton Boys Club, and sometimes John's house.

The club has fronted many first class seminars over the years including guest instruction from Gary Spiers, David Atkinson, Tony Hughes, Robert Beeston, David Hipgrave, Mick Benfell, Carl Wedderburn and Nick Woolley.  We hope to offer more in the near future.

Master Chi My Tran seminar at Compton Boys Club, Wolverhampton
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Shihan Tony Hughes seminar at Swindon Community Centre

Shihan Tony Hughes seminar at Swindon Community Centre
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Hapkido and Shaolin Chin na are now being taught stand alone by our sister groups Mid Counties Hapkido and UK Chin na Society.  Full details can be found on this site.  Within our club / group we can now offer instruction in Wado Ryu karate, Applied karate, Kano Ju jitsu, Kempo jitsu, Gung Fu, Hapkido, Kyusho jitsu, Chin na, Kali, plus self defence and ladies self defence classes.


We hope our clubs / group will continue to go forward and expand, if you wish to join us as an individual or club please feel free to contact us also see our Frequently Asked Questions page which may help you.


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